Protected Transport Systems, Brisbane, Australia

Armoured blast and ballistic protected vehicles

Protected Transport Systems Pty Ltd [PTS] provides military and police forces with armoured blast and ballistic protected vehicles; mobile equipment; and secure containers.

These offer customers better than the required level of blast protection and vehicle performance; aiming for the best product supplied through the best product acquisition and life cycle support systems.

The “Protector 2”

The Protector 2 with an empty weight under 7000kg and top speed of over 100km/h carries up to 6 people in excellent comfortand can be reconfigured into a number of different executions including armoured ambulance capable of taking 2 full length stretchers with attendants.

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Armoured Hummer

The armoured Hummer exists as a mature PTS proprietary design based on the same tested principles that resulted in the Protector 2 hull design.

The existing Hummer mechanical platform is in wide use and would not require any further development to carry the hull design which could be retrofitted.


PTS has acquired access to single and dual axle trailers with wheel size and deflection capable of following the vehicles in extreme off road deployment. Trailers are now ready to manufacture.

Other Vehicles

PTS also has designs for armoured, ballistic and blast protected truck cabs and hull designs for Landrover and Unimog.

Other Systems

Applications for mobile equipment such as cranes, maintenance and recovery vehicles and earthmoving equipment can be developed. Protected trailers and containers could also be produced.


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