Protected Transport Systems, Brisbane, Australia

History: Armour Manufacturing

Since 2002, Great Western Manufacturing [GWM] and Koos de Wet have been seeking the right product, the right partners and an appropriate corporate structure to manufacture armoured products in Australia.

Because of the unfavourable impacts on local manufacturers involved in many Australian defence contracts with global defence companies, it was necessary to develop a way to participate without being drawn into a failure through lack of commitment by any of the other partners or by final contract terms that would disadvantage the manufacturer or lead to it being shut out as the project proceeded. GWM avoided becoming a contractor to an international defence manufacturer, mindful that historically some of those arrangements have distressed local companies.

Over time a number of projects were considered and discarded. GWM continued to develop the capability for heavier metal manufacture, manufacturing components for truck assembly and heavy mobile equipment. Koos de Wet continued his involvement in armour design and project management. GWM does not develop product designs without the appropriate expertise; this was to be Koos' contribution to any selected project.

The strategy for a selected project was clearly focused and stated. It is to provide the best product, the best product delivery and whole of life support system through strong partnering competencies. GWM would support the project to success by completing a marketing and manufacturing plan; have the responsibility for manufacturing via a fair, profitable contract and a share of the project, both control and profit. Design development and any intellectual property acquisition or partnering would be arranged in conjunction with Koos who would also provide expertise in project management and customer relations.

An appropriate structure would be established to properly assign risks and ensure the protection of each participant's respective interests and reward them for their competencies and contribution. The structure would provide for the necessary resource allocation and allow for the costs to be apportioned fairly.

Protected Transport Systems is the initial structure established to implement this strategy.


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