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Specifications of the “Protector” 2 Blast Protected Utility Vehicle

PROTECTOR 2: Responding to the Needs of the Australian Defence Force.

In September 2009 PTS lodged a multi-product response to the Australian Defence Force [ADF] Request for Proposals: Land 121Ph4 01/09. The ADF's innovative Statement of Requirements proposed a vehicle light enough to be deployed off-road, on deserts and mountain tracks; transportable by helicopter, while providing high levels of soldier survivability through ballistic and blast protection.

In 2008 Koos de Wet identified a US product, the Protector 1 that could be redeveloped to more than meet the emerging needs of the ADF. Work commenced to redesign the armour and Australianise the vehicle in capability and compliance. PTS acquired the license for the Australian manufacture, the joint product development with Mobile Armoured Vehicles LLC [MAV] of South Carolina also continued with the needs of other potential global customers included in the design. The hull design progressed ready for blast testing and the pre-cursor vehicle platform, the Protector 1 continued to test the driveline and suspension to confirm stability, grade ability, off-road performance and reliability covering more than 40,000 Klm by November 2009.

During the joint development in the US, in Australia manufacturing processes were reviewed and local component supply capability was assessed for vehicle production. This established scheduling and cost estimates for the PTS response to the RFP. The proposal offers local [Australian] content significantly in excess of the level specified by the ADF.

Summary of “Protector 2” major specifications
(at July 31, 2010)

Crew Protection: V-bottom reinforced monocoque hull platform; mine blast, ballistic, Protected to levels exceeding STANAG II

Driver Compartment: Two-person crew (driver and commander); adjustable, shock absorbing seats designed to protect occupants from injury due to ballistic threats, mine blast forces and crash impact.

Crew Compartment: Seats 4 in full battle gear, inward facing, sealed from exposure to external threats; shock-absorbing, removable seat modules. Seats and mounts are designed to protect occupants from injury due to mine blast forces and crash impact.

Axle Configuration: 4 X 4 All-wheel drive

Vehicle Curb Weight (VCW): 6950kg

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 9500kg

Length with winch: 5558mm

Width: 2463mm

Height over spotlights: 2434mm

Track: 2006mm

Ground Clearance: 331mm

Wheelbase: 3300mm

Approach Angle: 46 Degrees

Departure Angle: 49 Degrees

Maximum Speed: 105km/h

Brakes: Bendix Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) - Automatic traction braking system - Dual circuit air operated. Automatic emergency brake, with manual override.

Parking Brakes: Max Slope: 60%

Emergency Brakes: Max Stop 5 mph Speed and 60% Slope

Stopping Distances: Being confirmed in trials

Operating Temperature Range: -15C to +50C


A/C: Red Dot R-5075-0-24P Rear Unit

Heating - 46,000 BTU/hr @ 150° F (11,592 kcal/h @ 66° C) water to air differential; Cooling -- 33,000 BTU/hr with 36° F (8,316 kcal/h BTUs with 2.2° C) refrigerant temp. and 80° F (26.7° C) wet bulb entering air

Air Flow 430 CFM (730 m3/h)

Motors One three-speed

Current 21.8 amps @ 13.6 VDC (includes 4 amps for A/C clutch); Draw 10.9 amps @ 27.2 VDC (includes 2 amps for A/C clutch)

Models R-5075-0 (12 volt) R-5075-0-24 (24 volt)

Red Dot R-86194 Front unit

BTUs Heating - 34,000 BTU/Hr @ 100°F (kw 9.67 @ 37.8°C) air temperature rise Cooling - 20,000 BTU/Hr @ 36°F (kw 6.82 with 2.2°C) refrigerant temp. and 80°F (26.7°C) wet bulb entering air

Air Flow 260 CFM (442 m3/h)

Motors Double blower with resistor

Heat: integrated with AC units

Side Slope Operation: >30 %

Wheels: 20 by 11 inch Aluminium Wheel 508mm by 280mm Aluminium Wheel

Gradeability: >70% at 9500kg total mass

Tires: 365/80/20 Continental Tires

Fuel Capacity: 400 litres

Cruising Range: > 600km at full load at max speed

Fording: 1m without preparation

Transportability: CH - 47F, C-130, C-5, C-17 - Rail - Ship - hard lift points for crane lift

Engine: Cummins QSB 275Hp @2500RPM 730Lb/ft @1500RPM or 205KW @ 2500RPM 990 N-m @1500RPM

Cooling Fan: 559mm diameter

Transmission: Allison 3700sp 7-speed automatic transmission

Transfer Case: integrated in Allison 3700sp Single speed Fulltime All wheel drive 30/70 split or selected 50/50 split front to rear.

Axles/Suspension: RH-15-611 6.14 ratio 6800kg rated Rear axle, RF-12-611 6.14 ratio 6600kg rating front axle

Electrical System: 24 V 400 amp alternator - NATO slave receptacle

  • NATO Slave Receptacle: Concentric power leads, capable of being jump started with or without the batteries connected, using a standard NATO power cable and plug assembly.
  • Electrical Connector: Wiring harness to mate the vehicle with the electrical system on a towed vehicle in accordance with MS75020; spring-loaded cover; labelled "TRAILER CONNECTOR"; protected from adverse elements.
  • Wiring and Connections: Waterproof, sealed, meeting the requirements per SAE J1292, J163, FMCSR 393.27, FMCSR 393.28, FMCSR 393.32, and FMCSR 393.33. Sealed, waterproof multi-pin connectors at multiple disconnect points. All wiring to components shall have disconnects facilitating component replacement. Wiring labeled.

Winch, Self-Recovery: 18,500 lb pulling direct force plus snatch block multiplier, if used.

Pintle Towing Capacity: Rated at 10000kg

Storage Compartments: Two outside lockers, Custom digi-rack available

Fire Suppression: Optional Kidde system @ Driver, Commander & Crew, Engine

Safety Features: Insulation and safeguarding from high temperature and electrical components.

Nonskid footing surfaces. No sharp edges, projection points, and burrs inside or outside the crew compartment. Seatbelts: 5-point, single latch for every seating position (crew and squad).

Cooling System: Meets SAE J1436

Steering: Hydraulic power assist

Lubricants: OE (viscosity as specified for engine), GO, and GAA in accordance with the Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants (POL) for environmental conditions, meeting the requirements of MIL-PRF-2104 and MIL-PRF-46167 as an operating fluid and lubricant. All systems accept commercially available synthetic lubricant equivalents without modification, adjustment, or component replacement with no reduction in performance.

Color / Finish: Exterior: 686A tan, non-reflective Interior: matching tan

Mirrors: Dual Outside Foldaway

Horn: Per SAE J377 and FMCSR 393.81, under hood mounted, water-resistant, blackout mode compatible.

Lighting: Cab-controlled 400,000 candlepower spotlight mounted on the cab roof and powered by the vehicle. Rear exterior droplight: 25 ft cord, magnetic mounting capability. Overhead Cab Light: Latest generation LED light independent of the crew compartment; can be switched manually from white to NVG compatible. Crew Compartment Light: Latest generation LED overhead dome lighting, independent of the cab, that can be switched manually from white to red/military blackout and switched automatically from white to red/military blackout when a door to the vehicle is opened. Controls in both the cab and the crew compartment.

Head and tail lights - turn signals - rear brake lights - four way flashers - clearance lights - blackout lights - and internal overhead dome lights with blackout mode are all latest generation LED lighting. Spot light and external lighting for side illumination latest halogen bulbs.

Windshield Wiper System: Electric design that meets the requirements specified in SAE J198, FMCSR 393.78, and FMVSS 104; waterproof as specified by SAE J1455; windshield washer controls within easy access of the driver.

Armament/Weapons Provisions: Capable of accepting RWS, GPK, Custom Mounts


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